Reserve Oil


This is made to order 100% custom. Please read below and let us know how you want your custom oil formulated. It’s best to contact one of our specialist at 888-803-2004

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Reserve Oil is a hemp-derived CBD extract, refined to remove excess lipids and waxes, blended with customizable carrier oils and standardized to a concentration of 25% CBD (~236mg/1mL) (concentration can be fully custom up to 75%).

Formulations can be customized based on:
– Cannabinoid profile (THC-free**, Full — Spectrum or Broad Spectrum).
– Cannabinoid concentration.
– Carrier oil

Standard Reserve Oils:
– Profile – THC-free**, Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum.
– Concentration – 25% CBD.
– Carrier Oils – MCT oil or hemp seed oil. Additional available upon request.

24 months in original packaging protected from heat and light.

Carrier oils can be fully custom. The below options are standard:

MCT Oil – virtually no taste or smell
Hemp Seed Oil – Cannabis like, very mild earthy taste.

Amber to clear yellow oil depending on the formulation.

Great stick formulation for blending into topicals, pet treats, vapes, and food applications as a substitute for vegetable oils in recipes.

Compliant Full Spectrum Extracts (<0.3% THC, no carrier oil) available on request.
*Flavor profiles variation are dependent on carrier oil.

**(N/D) Non-Detect Disclaimer: THC is inherently present in trace amounts in hemp plants. We test our products to confirm that the presence of Δ-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (Δ-9-THC) and Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THCA) are non-detectable (none detected above the requisite limits of detection for each product type); however sensitivities of drug testing methodologies may vary.